Monday, 22 October 2007


Part of the comunity

As to the French , they made their opinion clear , we are Europe's gypsies for them ;our so beloved brothers , now it’s the Italians’ turn , other brothers of ours ,they too are beginning to renegade us .All this after some centuries ago, they would have given their life to be brothers with us .But let’s not make a tragedy out of it , we have many brothers .To the brother across the Atlantic , it took him 60 years to remember that even though one brother is on Russia’s coast, he still is a brother.

De francezi ne-am lamurit, din tiganii europei nu ne scot; asa frati cum ii consideram noi, uite ca veni si randul italienilor, alti frati de-ai nostri, sa nu ne mai doreasca. Asta dupa ce cu cateva secole in urma isi dadeau si viata pentru a se infrati cu noi. Dar sa nu facem din asta o tragedie, de frati nu ducem lipsa. Fratelui de peste Atlantic, 60 de ani i-au trebuit sa-si aduca aminte ca fratele din coasta Rusiei tot frate ramane.

Toamna la Magura Branului

Autumn at Magura Branului:

Those who love the weekends will certainly love retirement, only on the condition to get there .What’s one got to do with the other ?But what do we know about publicity ?

I managed last week to escape for 2 days , more specific on Saturday and Sunday , out of the filth that Bucuresti holds. And I went for the second time to Magura Branului, in autumn this
time.My first time was at Easter .

Cine iubeste weekendul va iubi pensia, cu conditia, sa o mai si prinda.Ce legatura are una cu alta?! Dar ce stim noi despre publicitate

Am reusit saptamana trecuta sa ma "rup"doua zile , mai exact sambata si duminica, din mizeria Bucurestiului. Si asa am ajuns a doua oara in satul Magura Branului, de data asta toamna.Prima data am fost de Paste.